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Backsplash ideas for your Bathroom Performances!

It’s no secret; almost everybody sings their heart out when they’re taking a shower, so why not make it a beautiful stage? Having a bathroom backsplash gives your bathroom both design and protection while adding some colours and oomph to your bathroom performances!

Unsure if you need a backsplash for your bathroom? Backsplashes are mainly installed to bathrooms to provide more depth and protection to the bathroom. Although they are usually installed in sinks or vanity areas, backsplashes are a great addition for your bathroom to protect it from mould, all while adding a stylish finish to your bathroom.

These days, backsplashes are installed across two to three walls, or even the entire bathroom. Backsplashes do not only prevent mould, mildew and unwanted rot, they protect the bathroom walls from stains, damages and marks as well. They can span anywhere from a few inches or even be fitted from the floor to the bathroom ceiling.

Ceramic and porcelain are two of the most used materials for bathroom backsplashes since they are easily maintained and cleaned. They are also versatile and can be fashioned in many ways to achieve an aesthetic finish. There are also other materials available for bathroom backsplashes, depending on the user’s preferences!

Now that you’re more convinced to get backsplashes outfitted in your bathroom, here are some things you should consider:

Budget - Defining your budget will assist you in picking the material you want without spending a bomb and burning a hole in your pocket

Colour/Theme - Determine if you want something cozy, or something more upbeat. Colours can also trick your eyes to help make the bathroom look bigger.

Texture - Do you want something glossy, more textured or something more minimalistic and industrial looking?

Compatibility - Would your backsplash fit in with the rest of the bathroom such as the floor tiles, sink and faucet?

If you're still unsure if you need a backsplash for your bathroom, feel free to reach out to us and our team of experts are more than ready to offer advice and solutions for your needs.


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