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Looks To Steal: 5 Stunning Scandinavian Interior Designs In Singapore

Functional, simple and cozy, the Scandinavian interior style is so popular because it makes spaces appear clean and inviting at the same time. It strikes a fine balance between functionalism and minimalism. But when you tweak with these fundamental principles, you can easily create a Scandinavian home design that suits your personality best. Get inspired with these 5 Singapore homes that have done just that, each boasting a unique take on the Scandinavian style!

1. Modern Scandinavian

This 4-room HDB apartment adds a modern touch to the fundamental Scandinavian design principles with the use of contemporary furniture and fittings. The white walls — a staple of Scandinavian homes — compliments well with the ash grey wooden flooring. The entire home uses an overall neutral colour palette of whites and greys which goes well with the bold colours that are introduced by the furniture.

2. Industrial Scandinavian

Industrial designs take their cues from old factories and warehouses. This style mixes textures like wood, metal and concrete to create an ‘unfinished look’. It pairs well with the Scandinavian look because they share some common design principles – neutral tones, mixing texture and functionality. These styles appreciate the beauty of natural and raw materials without a lot of ornamental detail.

3. Minimalist Scandinavian

Like Scandinavian designs, minimalist designs emphasises on simplicity and functionality. If you enjoy following a “less is more”philosophy, then the minimalist Scandinavian hybrid is the perfect style for your home. The key is to stick with clean lines, simple furniture, and neutral colours, all of which come together to create an inviting place of comfort and refuge, like this HDB apartment in Fernvale.

4. Eclectic Scandinavian

If you’re adventurous with your home décor, then this style is for you! This hybrid combines the classic elements of Scandinavian home design with other design concepts to create a space that’s filled with character. We suggest starting with white walls before layering them with colorful works of art, accessories and home decor pieces that you adore. Happiness comes naturally in this homely place that’s bursting with creativity and inspiration!

5. Colorful Scandinavian

Most Scandinavian themed homes in Singapore feature the use of white walls in their designs. But why stop at that when you can go for more? In this condominium apartment, the colors help to provide a dynamic visual contrast against the otherwise minimal style of the rest of the interior. The home really appears more lively as a result of the bright paints used across, transforming this home into a colorful Scandinavian masterpiece.


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